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Will Brown

Technical Co-Founder

Principal Software Engineer

Full-Stack Web Developer

Enterprise Cloud Architect

Retail-Technology Data Engineer

B.S. Computer Science

Portrait photo of Will Brown in a sport coat.

Technical Experience

I have lead UI/UX design and front-end development on software for Fortune-100 companies and successful startups.

  • Information Architecture
  • Web Development
  • User Research
  • Technical Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Big-Data Reporting Design

I am specialized in implementing and maintaining high-volume integrations and automations across the web to power connected experiences.

  • API Integrations
  • Web Scraping
  • Private Portal Automation
  • Worker Orchestration
  • ETL Pipelines (SQL, NoSQL, and Spark)
  • Kubernetes

I am experienced in designing big-data analytics pipelines and data lakes with Apache Spark and Databricks.

  • High-Volume Analytical Data Pipelines
  • Databricks Best Practices
  • Delta & Parquet Data Formats
  • Spark Development w/ Python

I have years of experience architecting efficient and scalable single- and multi-tenant cloud architectures in Microsoft Azure, including managed services, compute, networking, and storage.

  • Experience With Many Azure Services
  • Multi-Tenant Architectures
  • Private Networking and VPN
  • Cost Management

Recently featured in Microsoft's Visual Studio 25th anniversary celebration video.

Business & Management Experience

I am versed in business plan validation and iteration; evaluating the technical feasibility and potential of ideas and solutions.

  • Persona Development
  • Market Research
  • Business Model Canvas Development
  • Venture Capital Negotiations

I have built and lead effective development teams to solve big-data problems in retail-analytics.

  • Capable Technical Interviewer
  • Extensible System Architectures
  • Log Analytics
  • Cost Management & Analysis

I have designed and implemented effective change-control procedures with continuous integration across code, infrastructure, and processes.

  • Git Workflows and Automation
  • Effective Code Reviewer
  • Expert Technical Communicator
  • Infrastructure As Code
  • SOC2 Compliance Experience

My Tools

Web Technologies
NodeJS Icon NodeJS
TypeScript Icon TypeScript
Back-End and Database
.NET Icon C-Sharp
Database Icon SQL Server
Database Icon Databricks